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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Class #8 Recap

I started several things last night. I soldered posts on 2 pieces of copper that I will rivet something to. I had planned on using some pieces of coral, but 1 broke while I was working on it so I decided to wait & find something else @ home that would be a little sturdier.I also prepared a small copper leaf for etching. The leaf needs to 'dry' for a week before I can scratch a design into it so it should be ready next week. I also soldered my bezel to a piece of copper. I need to go back & re~solder a side,(those little pieces of solder jump around when the flux starts to bubble!)maybe even part of the cup.The copper that is part of our supplies came in so my copper bezel wire was in demand too! I even discovered I can use my big paper cutter to cut strips of my 30 g copper sheeting that are even smoother than using my tin snips. Now I have several rolls of bezel wire in varying widths to work w/. All in all a good class. On the picture front I am still having no luck. My sister was in town & tried to get camera to download w/ no success. I may just take the set~up in & have the computer guy try his hand @ it.

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  1. Sounds like you are learning so much! I hope you get the pictures figured out soon.


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