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Sunday, April 6, 2014

~The Color of Dreams~

 I was chosen to receive a bead for the Color of Dreams Blog Hop from Rita of Toltec Jewels.
 The bead is brown & blues w/ some ivory. There was also the tiniest bit of green @ each end in some leaves. That was my favourite colour, of course!

 I had a blast finding beads I thought would look good w/my bead. I even used one of my new Golem beads I had recently bought, (blue & brown, what were the odds?).One of my blue trade beads had a band of corally-red, so I added a little more in that pop of the orange glass briolettes.
 The small turquoise nuggets I used really matched the green leaves I loved.
 I've got to say, I really like this, & I'm keeping it for myself,(sorry Mom,but I'll share!). I may use it as inspiration for a new series that I can make for the gallery.So, speaking of the gallery, that is the Dream part of the post. A family friend opened a gallery last year & she invited me to be the exclusive jewelry artist. It isn't a living yet, but it's a start! I had a show/reception last December, SO MUCH FUN, (& lobstah). I have another show coming up in June. My juju is bringing me travel & a gallery, & you really do have to love that.
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Saturday, March 1, 2014

Clean~up, Fix~up Your Workspace

 I've never felt like my desk was the problem, as long as I can keep an area big enough for a tray to work on, I'm good.
                           But I have to admit, this is an improvement, just look @ all that room!
 The floor to the left of my bead table.Things got piled, stacked & balanced until it was the massive mess you see here.
                                                                  And now, the floor!
  The space in front of the closet. This is bags of gift bags, ribbons,packing materials & assorted Christmas.
 More carpet! The day bed is now accessible AND you can actually get to the other side of the room.
                                   Said other side of the room. These are the boxes I collage
Another shot of the area in front of the closet. The Top Hat box & the other black box are full of bowls that I used to use  for beads. Since I moved the type trays in last October I have been phasing out bowls.The wooden case behind them holds my empty trays. The room isn't 100%, maybe 75%, but I feel really great about what I have gotten done so far. I made a pair of earrings for the Fusion Craft Month Challenge, (more on that tomorrow!) & have put a few ideas together for some future projects. Thanks for reading!

Monday, October 28, 2013

Day of the Dead Hop

My computer is in its third week at "the shop"'( yeah, don't even get me started) & I am unable to post photos with this borrowed ipad. So I am unhappily able to post today. I'm very sorry, I've never missed a blog deadline before.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Paper Boxes & Flat File Cabinet Drawers

I was lucky enough to get a 10 drawer flat file cabinet from my mom a while back.I finally brought it in & decided to store beads in it. Then I had to figure out how I was going to contain the beads. I went  w/ origami boxes. I used some sheet music I had stashed back for my paper. Right now I have a dozen boxes in each drawer, but there is room for three more in each drawer if I need more space.

Art beads

Trade,amber,jade & bone beads.

Skull beads

Close up of fabulous skull headpins from Sue

Assorted gemstones

Friday, August 30, 2013

Hoarder's Hop Revisited

These are a pair from a set by Juls , I added some czech glass & lamp work spacers by Tracy Bell . These are the same style as the red ones I showed in the Hoarder's Hop.

Juls again, a mis-matched pair from a set w/ copper bead caps.

The next two pairs use more czech glass from a kit I bought back in the spring. I even mixed up (GASP!) the beads from all three kits. I love the shape of the center bead, I think I have to find more.

I don't usually do such a  'sweet' design, but these just sort of made themselves after I rediscovered the earwires. The top bead is a transfer ware bead.I may even make a pair of these for myself. 
One last pair, more from a set by Juls, I added czech beads & Buddah  charms from skybluepink . And if you don't know about skybluepink, check out the link, they have the best random stuff.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Hoarders Hop part 2

I have a plan for these, I want them to look like lanterns. I am still looking for some of the 'parts'
these are by juls.

more suebeads


I was well on my way w/ these sets I won, (maker?) when disaster struck.  my leather broke after tying off a knot. I tried to roll w/ it, but the matching bead's hole is small & I couldn't string leather through it. I regrouped & ended up w/ the simplified version shown. the remaining beads may be a bracelet?

more winnings


juls-this set is called  route 66



tracy bell

now that I have these out, I am moving them around in different possibilities so stay tuned!

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Bead Hoarders Blog Hop

These are by suebeads . I've had these since the BSBH group had a swap. She was my first source of handmade lampwork & I have held on to most of that batch! I still have several sets in various stages of design(or not).

I think these are also sue's . I added some czech glass & sterling spacers.

These are by julsbeads . I bought studio time & got a big batch of beads. I've been miserly w/ all of them, this is only 2 of a set. I added more czech glass (equally hoarded for years now). The top pair are greenish on the back.

This wee bead,(about the size of my pinky nail?) didn't need much.It came from a destash sale, because who doesn't love someone else's stuff ?
I have many more beads, but this is all I managed this week.
Enjoy the hop! Thanks Lori, glad you are feeling better!

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