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Monday, December 14, 2009

OPHA Yule Fair

The show is over, packed up & still in the car. I had a good time, it was interesting & the drum circle hours(w/ belly dancing) were really fun. Saturday was deadly slow, my only two sales were people I know,(Thanks SIL & Laura!)but I made tons of nests. I have also started making nest earrings & got 5 prs of those.Sunday had lots more traffic & I had sales slow & steady through out the day. I didn't make much money when it was all said & done, but I think I may have made a few new friends in beading.I went to a workshop on angel messages & had a reading(visitaion, consultation? I'm not sure of the term?)that was interesting. I hope I don't have a move coming(packing the bead room is the stuff of nightmares!)but the other advice was very insightful/ helpful. The organizer was impressed w/ my work & gave me info on the next show.I do plan on doing more OPHA gatherings in the summer & fall that are established & better attended. I was happy w/ my table set~up. The tablecloth from hell didn't lie flat & the skirt was bigger than I needed for my 6 ft table but it still looked good. I had rented a(I thought) 6 foot long table & made the table cloth accordingly.When the tables got there they were EIGHT feet long, no way was the tabletop piece going to fit. I was able to switch out my 8 ft table for a 6 ft planned for the silent auction & go on from there.I really liked the way the branches showed off the work, but I did have some problems w/ people walking into to talk to the reader next to me. I'm also not sure how well it will work outside here in Oklahoma w/ our wind that 'comes whistling down the plains'!It is an ever changing,evolving thing I guess. Today I did some last of the list shopping for me & some personal shopping for my SIL. I only have 2 gift cards to get for my oldest nephews~ boys love their Sonic* $$ (*local burger drive in w/ car hops for those of you not in the 'Sonic Loop')& it does make a good stoccking stuffer. Tomorrwo is the big shopping trip to Sam's to get supplies for upcoming do's.Baking day, middle nephew's & my B~day dinner this weekend & next week's Christmas Eve appetizer dinner. You should see the lists! Hope everyone's days are going smoothly & plans are falling into place.

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