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I am an artist, I twist wire,string beads, glue stuff & am generally 'artsy'. I have recently started an artist's blog where I will show works as they progress.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Pictures for the previous post

Here are some pictures I meant to put w/ the previous post. Sadly it has been SO LONG since I posted, I forgot how to add the pictures! I thought the burlap bottle bag was a natural for earrings, but I thought the earrings were a little lost. I had several props to use & I thought the bottles worked a little better. The copper paddle pins are some I made in class. I really like how they turned out,just a simple loop that crosses itself.The turquoise bracelets are on a small birch log that is part of a display rack. I think it is a pretty decent shot for a simple point & shoot.The next group of bracelets are part of my "Everyday JuJu" group.These have old trade beads,bone beads,glass,horn, & gemstones, a real eclectic mix,( two of these are mine, & I wear them several times a week).The copper elements are the beginning of the team bracelets. I'll show more as they progress.
Since I am so behind in my postings I will post more tomorrow & tell you all about the bead swap from the beginning of March & yesterday's bead show.


  1. Good luck on all your endeavers! I'm still oooooooooing and ahhhhhhhhhhhing over the bead package you sent! Fabulous!

  2. Pretty earrings! I LOVE the bracelets!


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