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I am an artist, I twist wire,string beads, glue stuff & am generally 'artsy'. I have recently started an artist's blog where I will show works as they progress.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Friday Misc

Today's post is a little scattered. A Friday portrait, a class project & a new idea.
The ring is a gift for my niece, it is small, size 4, so it was a little more difficult bending it than I thought it would be. The stone is one she picked out @ the March bead show. It is some kind of quartz & no matter how I try, I can't get the pink in it to show in a photo. The skulls are howlite I ordered on ebay & in addition to using them plain, I wanted to use fine tipped sharpies to turn some into day of the dead skulls. This was my first try w/fairly new regular tipped markers. I think I will have fun w/ these. I plan on using them for a friend's shrine. This June will be the 1st year anniversary of her stepping on a rainbow & I want to have a shrine ready for Dia De Los Muertos.


  1. Great stuff!
    I've been snooping around your blog, you're incredibly talented!

    Have a wonderful weekend,

  2. I love what you did with the skull! Can't wait to see it in jewelry! I can already imagine it in a bracelet. Of course, that's because bracelets are my favorite things to make!

  3. Nice post, and I looooove the skulls, great idea!
    Thanks for visiting me and your kind words!

  4. The skulls are awesome! You should market those ... you'd make a killing (ugh ... sorry, I really didn't mean to pun).


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