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I am an artist, I twist wire,string beads, glue stuff & am generally 'artsy'. I have recently started an artist's blog where I will show works as they progress.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Poor Beader's Post

This bracelet is one of a pair I made in 2007. My best friend of 30 + years came to visit & we pulled charms & trinkets, drilled some holes & I strung everything.This quickly became a go~to bracelet, I usually wear it @ least once a week. This is one of my most treasured pieces. Last year, when it was time for a long over due visit, T died the morning of the day she was due. I'm so glad we made these together.
I'm new to blogging & the picture taking that goes w/ it. I just have a basic point & shoot digital but I have found that the micro setting combined w/ the text setting( if you have it) can do a nice job of taking up close & personal shots of my work. I also am always on the lookout for a good background. I remembered a couple of wallpaper books I had tucked away & I have found some really great backgrounds. Some of the pages have great textures in a range of colours from light to dark.


  1. your bracelet looks like a really fun piece of jewelery

  2. OH what a beautiful remembrance of your friend and the adventures you two shared! Your post touched my heart.

  3. What a fun bracelet. Nice job.

  4. So glad you have this rememberance of her.


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