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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Mis-Matched Earring Swap

A few weeks ago I read about a mismatched earring swap Diana -suburban girl studio-Ptaszynski was throwing. After debating  back & forth w/ myself (it's an Art Bead thing) I decided to take the plunge. The uber talented Rebecca Anderson, was my partner.

I think these are brilliant in their simplicity on several levels. The colour scheme of  positive & negative is a deceptively easy mismatch, & then she throws in those wire wrapped pearl dangles. We all know that isn't a quick easy little detail, it takes some time to wrap wire so nicely. Now, about that flower, look closely, that's LEATHER! These wear so well. I debuted them w/ a black & white outfit & I really liked the pop of brightness I got w/ these. "Less is More" really applies here! Thank You so much, Rebecca, these are destined to be a favorite pair of earrings.
                                         So, here's the list of the Mismatched Swappers, enjoy!

   Diana Ptaszynski www.urbangirlstudios.com your hostess
Jayne Capps http://mamasgottodoodle.blogspot.com   <<<< you are here
Charlene Jacka http://clay-space.com
Stephanie Woods www.rainydaydesigns.com
Melissa Trudinger www.beadrecipes.wordpress.com 



  1. Phew - glad you like them Jayne! I have pinched your picture as obviously, I forgot to take any shots before sending.....;-)

  2. Thank you for participating! Those are very cool! I didn't even realize those were leather!

  3. Wow! Such a fun pair!!! And that too leather!

  4. Those look so fun and lightweight to wear.

  5. You had me at the pearl dangles. Beeeeeeooootiful!

  6. Love them! Took me a minute to realize flowers were leather...so creative and I too love the color combination...very fun!

  7. what fun earrings! I never even thought of reversing the colours... >.<

  8. Rebecca made such nifty earrings! The shades of blue with the red is great and play off each other so well. Looking forward to seeing your earrings when they arrive!!

  9. Very nice! I love the combination of red and blue, and these look like they'd be so fun to wear!

  10. I love the color combinations, these are so colorful & pretty!

  11. Oh, I really love these the color contrast is gorgeous.


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