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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Last night's class went much better than the previous week's. Nothing I worked on last week went well. This week I was able to put that behind me, drop some preconceived notions & get started on my bezel. I am using silver for the first one, after that I will be making my own bezel wire from copper.(it seems that copper bezel wire is almost impossible to find, so most make it themselves) I am thinking that I won't be making pieces of jewelry to wear as much as fabrications for altered books or collage boxes. This way of thinking has freed me up from 'making something' & opened me up to 'learning something'. Last week after class I went through some items that I was given years ago in search of a cabachon stone & found almost a dozen different stones!I had honestly forgotten I had so many, I only remembered the one I was looking for. This discovery also helped to open up my self imposed boundries I had found myself in. With so many to choose from, I had ideas galore. This week as we continued on our bezels we also talked about acid etching.I'm thinking about cutting another skull from copper & etching that.Sort of a companion piece to the silver skull.
On other fronts, the garage sale is over. I didn't sell my bigger pieces of furniture, but I did clean out lots of smaller things. Now it's time to finish up the house & 'get to stringing'( or twisting wire & gluing paper!). Since I am home right now, I need to be taking advantage of the time & get some product together. I want to have a booth in the spring @ a local festival & I need to get with it!

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