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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Odds & Ends

I found an online source for metal~ www.whimsie.com~ They offer sample packs & 30 gauge copper sheet(bezels, remember?) so I ordered the collage metal assortment & a 1x1 sheet of copper. The collage pack was a really good one! Lots of copper tubing, a spool of 20 g gold wire,( I don't use gold, but a spool of it will be nice to have)some sheets of coloured aluminum to play w/ & so much more!! The packs are 3 lbs(shipping hurts, but hey I didn't have to drive all over finding this stuff, right?) & are well worth the price. I even got a good size sheet of copper I can use in class.
In my search for copper foiling tape(as used in stained glass & Sally Jean type charms) I went to a craft store last week. I found a fabulous skull paper punch, & it was right @ 1/2 price 'ish', so I had to have it. I even saved 4 MORE $$ when I could use my 40% off coupon. So I got an $ 18.00 punch for $5.99, (thnx Martha!).The teeth details are great. I have decided to use a punch made from adhesive backed vinyl for my next skull. I will attach the punch to copper that has a very dark patina,trace the shape w/ a saw & then put it in the acid. This should etch the eyes,teeth & nose, leaving the rest of the skull dark.In theory... I am working on getting my camera downloading to the computer so hopefully pictures can be forthcoming.

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