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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Bead Soup Confessions

I admit it, I have a confession to make about my Bead Soup Swap. When I was putting together a mix of beads, I liked it so much I had to keep it for myself! I don't ususally use a 'focal' bead so when I put together my mix I was trying some different combinations from my usual style.Now don't get me wrong, I had very comparable beads to swap, (an even better clasp truth be told)the main difference was from copper metals to silver. Now I am moving beads & pieces around trying to decide just what I am going to do w/ this grouping. I am planning to mix chain & stringing, maybe even some wire links added in. I want to step out of my confines w/ this piece. I've seen some really inspiring pieces during my daily blog readings & I want to try my wings a little,push myself for more.
On another note, I got a call about my metalsmithing class. The class may not 'make' w/ enough students. I'll know more on Thursday, which is the first night of class. If class doens't make, I may just rent studio time to keep my hand in @ using the torch. I'm not set up here @ home yet, & I don't want to rush into that while I am working on so many other things. I bought the rest of the supplies I need to start soldering glass charms yesterday & I'm getting my soldering tray ready. Pictures coming soon!

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  1. How awesome! See, there's inspiration all over the place with this party!


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