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I am an artist, I twist wire,string beads, glue stuff & am generally 'artsy'. I have recently started an artist's blog where I will show works as they progress.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Saturday Seconds

I'm 1/2 way through my 'to~do' list for the day. Basketball game,check(we won) & photos? Well I have the tent set up(maybe a 30 inch square was a bit large, I'm thinking 16 inches would have sufficed!) & I have taken a couple of test shots. These are the beads I won last weekend on www.earthenwood-beads.blogspot.com . In addition to the string of beads & sweet little hearts, I got one of her fabulous pendants. Is it wrong to be even more excited about that? So here it is, a shot of my winnings,first one out of the tent.

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