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I am an artist, I twist wire,string beads, glue stuff & am generally 'artsy'. I have recently started an artist's blog where I will show works as they progress.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Jewelry Class 2nd Meeting

Last night I had big plans of finishing a ring. I straightened & filed the band. Then I attempted to re solder the bezel. I had soldered it @ the end of the last class, but there were a few places I missed. I fluxed, cut the solder, placed the tiny little pieces of solder & lit the torch. As some areas of solder melted & flowed just like they were supposed to, others weren't so cooperative.  As I watched the BEZEL melt, the *%^#&())(&^(*^%&%$*)(&^&(*^% * solder didn't. Craziness I tell you! So what I got done after that was removing the bezel & getting most of the rough areas left behind filed down. I'll be ready to try again next week, & hopefully have a picture to show you :)


  1. Looking forward to seeing some pictures! The whole soldering process sounds quite tricky! That's why I love Stephanie Lee's method...embracing the imperfect and showing off all of that solder! :-)

  2. Been there, done that. That bezel, she sure loves to melt, doesn't she?


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