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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Jewelry Class

It was touch & go there for a week if my advanced class would have enough students to make or not. It was on then  off & on again, even getting pushed back a week to see if enough would enroll.. We met last night, in spite of the fact that one student did change her mind about enrolling. We didn't do a lot of work, K showed us how to hide solder on copper( my personal bane!) by using some steel in pickle& soaking the piece in that. He used some steel wool & pickle in a small cup(not the whole pot of pickle!) & let it all soak a little bit. When I checked it, the steel wool had gone the colour of the copper, & when K pulled the piece you couldn't see the solder @ all.!The strangeness of the timing is I had just read this tip earlier in the week.We wrote down goals we had for  ourselves this class so K could be ready for our questions/needs. I also helped someone make some earrings for a quick gift. She hadn't made head pins  or done any wire wrapping before, so I helped out a little.
  One of my goals was to finish the 2 rings I started @ the end of our Spring class. I also want to try more enameling, maybe even some headpins.
   Tomorrow I'll have pictures of my fabulous beads from juls.


  1. I'd love to see your rings when you're finished!

  2. Great tip for the copper, can't wait to try it!


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