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Friday, March 2, 2012

30 Day Challenge~Day2

Today's challenge was "leftover beads". I cheated(a little) & used some of a stash I got from Valerie in a mini swap. There were two different bags of beads, one bag came from India(top right) & the other was an assortment. Both were in the same basic palette, one that I never use, & I decided to make that  part of the challenge. The shots of the bowls were slightly out of focus but I wanted to share what I saw  when I was looking for possibilities, the collage feature hides a multitude of sins on this one!(I also promise not to take any more photos on the yellow tray) I made a necklace w/ beads & copper chain. I usually make bracelets so I wanted to stretch a little here.
 In other news, jewelry class started last night & I wasn't thrilled but I am going to stick it out & make the best of using a studio w/ fire. I'll keep you updated! See you tomorrow, :D

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