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Monday, March 5, 2012

Day 5~Use Chain in your Design

Today's challenge is to "incorporate chain in your design". Easy assignment, I am always trying to use more chain & yesterday's cleanup uncovered lots of chain. I have worn the focal before, strung on suede lacing, but never loved the end result.The focal is something that was in my grandmother's button box. I remember loving & playing w/ it as a child.  I had put it on the bit of leftover chain ages ago & never went any further. When I came across it yesterday I knew this would be the chain challenge piece. I found another copper chain & attached the two w/ copper oval links. I also used a smaller oval link to keep the link holding the focal in place. In the past when I have used this chain this way I have used sari ribbon to keep the links together but I wanted the focus on the pendant.Tomorrow, colour, see you then!

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