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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Candy Coated Ears Challenge

Serena @ All Things Made Jewelry held a challenge involving the colours from this painting,Love Letter 2 by Jamie Best. The rules were, 1) make earrings,2) use @ least 3 of the colours,3) use wire &/or chain in your earrings. Simple enough, right?

I'd like to start off w/ , I love this palette.The three dark variations of black w/ the pop of reds was enough outside of my regular greens that I thought it would really be a challenge,(oddly enough I make a lot of black & red pieces for myself).Then the reality set in. The last colour was out of left field, is it pink/ is it peach? The answer is yes, depends on your computer,time of day,etc.I had the perfect orangey red bead, but only two of them.The darks were much easier, I had wire in gunmetal & black & some dark chain that was perfect. I put together lots of beads, moved them around & sketched many earrings.For such a simple challenge I was having trouble getting anything I liked. A lot of beads didn't make the final cut.
Lots of the earrings I sketched were lush but I couldn't get the sketches to translate to reality.These feel a little spare to me for that reason. The only colour I didn't actively use was the white(eggshell?bone?) but both the briolette beads & the coral beads have that colouration in them. That satisfied the requirements enough for me. All in all I really did enjoy this challenge, frustrations & all. I'm going to revisit this palette & see what else I can come up w/, maybe that lush pair of earrings will come to pass after all!


  1. You did a wonderful job. I really like the earrings they have a urban industrial feel to them.

  2. I love the unique design that you came up with for this challenge, I enjoyed the colour palette too.
    Deb x

  3. These are fantastic! Chic and with great movement and completely wearable! Love them!


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