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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Cocktail Blog Hop

  TEQUILA! Ok, now that you have that running through your head,( & maybe Pee Wee is dancing along, who am I to judge?) we can get to the drink. I was given Margarita as my cocktail. So many ways to go w/ this, frozen, on the rocks, strawberry & a myriad of  other fruity variations. I personally like mine on the rocks- no salt, but I  make a mean frozen margarita on request.
   It's no secret I use green a lot in my work. I don't know if  Amy Knew this & humored me, or it was the luck of the draw I got margarita as my cocktail. Which ever it was I knew in about 10 minutes which beads & how I would use them for my representation.The most thinking I had to do was which bead to use for the 'rocks'. I had originally planned to use a very  large faceted glass bead but then I found a smaller clearer bead(honestly I had forgotten I had them) that was a better fit to the size beads I had picked out. While I don't like mine w/ salt, I liked the idea of the rocaile seed beads as grains of salt. Three hours of wire wrapping later I had my very own version of margarita, on the rocks w/ salt.

I'll leave you w/ my family's 'secret' recipe. It's quick, simple & deadly.
                     1 can frozen limeade concentrate, thawed-6 oz
                     1 can tequila
                   1/2 can triple sec (original recipe called for 1 full can, that can be a little sweet)
                     ice cubes, approx. 2 1/2~ 3 cups (small or crushed is best, depends on your blender)
add ingredients to blender  & blend until slushy.  If you don't want frozen, mix the liquid ingrdients in a pitcher & pour over ice, makes 2.I like to garnish w/  a wedge of lime for each glass.( I also use a wedge of lime to wet the rim of the glass when I salt them for friends) Enjoy!
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  1. This is beautiful! Love the beads..and I love your pictures of the beads, too! I could see myself wearing this bracelet....

  2. Yum, I love margaritas! Your bracelet is so pretty I love the beads you used.

  3. Fantastic! singing the song, gorgeous day ... thinking I might have to make a cocktail .... and the bracelet is the perfect match! :) just beautiful :)

  4. Those green beads are the perfect margarita shade! I love your piece! That recipe sounds super easy too - I'll have to try it out (I love tequila, too. It's my fav hard booze)

  5. Nice. I like how you photographed it with the glass :)

  6. That bracelet is totalllly a margarita!!! Love it!

  7. I said it before on this hop (and I believe I'll say it many more times) - now I am really, *really* thirsty. Your bracelet is gorgeous (and I appreciate the 3 hours of wrapping! lots of work)

  8. LOVE it. And that song is completely stuck in my head now.

  9. Well we meet again. Your writing and designs are so clever. Beadtenders... I love that phrase. Beautiful work.

  10. The wire wrapping really paid off with this piece. Beautiful creation. definitely sparks images of margaritas (even though tequila isn't my friend).

  11. I don't do the tequila thing, but I would definately have one of your lovely margarita on the rocks braclet. Love all the dangles.

  12. LOVE your margarita bracelet! that is one of my favorite cocktails as well!

  13. Your bracelet is gorgeous, I love the detail! Amazing!
    Deb x

  14. Great bracelet - it will be so much fun to wear!

  15. Ooo - I LIKE it! I'm getting a little bit of a cactus vibe from it. The bracelet looks really fun to wear.

  16. That bracelet is good enough to drink! Awesome!

  17. Hey there lady! nice blog. you know you won the crane scissors (and assorted other stuff i added to your box) on my blog. I need you address! convo me.

  18. I have 'genvy' (green-envy)! I adore the colour green and wear it often (in clothes and in jewellery). Love your bracelet! It would make any outfit :-)


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