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Saturday, May 5, 2012

One Crayon Colour Challenge

 I thought this challenge was going to be a piece of cake, a breeze, a no brainer. Pick any colour I want, & use all shades of it? GREEN of course, easy peasy. I loved the orange bracelet in the example & thought I'd try something like that, but as I gathered all my greens I found these four beads & was struck w/ a different vision. 
I'd take the 4 large beads strung on cord, knotted between & on the other half smaller beads & a strand of chain w/ all the colours in an ombre fade. Uh the cord wouldn't fit through my large beads, back to the drawing board. So I decide to just string them, same ombre idea, same big beads one side ,small beads other side.

big beads don't bend

   I have touched, rearranged & fought these beads every day.  I really felt like I was losing! I wanted to stay w/ the ombre,(I'm stubborn that way) so I thought about a multi-strand bracelet

No,just no.

SO I pulled out the memory wire, my long-time friend, who rarely lets me down. I was able to stay w/ my ombre vision, kept the large nuggets & even worked in the neon~y dangles that had eluded me so far.Am I happy w/ it? maybe, I'm wearing it tomorrow so I'll know better then.

the nuggets that started it all

Enjoy the hop!!

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  1. OMG I want that little Buddha face :D Super cute!

  2. Wow! That is one gorgeous bracelet. I am so impressed that you hung in there and made those beads bend to your will...it is amazing how beads want to take on a life of their own sometimes. Great job!

  3. Hi Jayne,
    I liked all of the creations, but your final piece is gorgeous.

  4. I loved getting to see your table with all the green beads. And that BUDDHA! What an awesome detail, and I'm all about details. That's what makes things special, and that bracelet is.

  5. Ok I looked up the word ombre on Wiki, and still don't know what it means. Nevertheless, I love the piece you created. The green beads are all gorgeous together! Love the buddha too!

  6. First, ombre is tough, but I think you did a good interpretation with the memory wire!!! The colors flow so well around the circles. Beautifully done, Jayne!!! Thank you so much for participating in the hop!!

  7. oooooh, really like this one - love the style

  8. This is great! I like how you posted your "mistakes"!... I particularly like the two little charms that you added to the end of the loops on the memory wire! Such pretty stones, too! Beautiful!

  9. Beautiful. I love the gradation in the color.

  10. You had me at ombre!!! So glad you persevered - I love it and am so jealous that you get to wear it while you blog hop!

  11. The beads challenged you and you won! Great color hues and what a cute buddah1

  12. It did seem like an easy concept, didn't it? (ha!) You did a great job of realizing your original vision, even if there were a few detours in the journey. And the final piece is great!

  13. You have some beautiful green beads and your design is lovely, the laughing budda is so cute.

  14. Thanks for sharing your process and workspace shots! I always love those. And while the bracelet may have given you fits, I really like what you came up with. Spreading each of those larger beads out between the smaller stones gives them room to breath and shine. :)

  15. It may have given you fits for a bit, but you won! Great job!

  16. I really like your ombre idea and have done something kinda similar before. However, your many shades of green are really something! I'm wondering how you're feeling about it now that you've worn it. It looks a little heavy, but fun to wear to me!

  17. Well I am a green lover so I am a fan of it even if it did challenge the heck out of you! Good job!

  18. Oh my gosh you have a TON of green beads! Very pretty!

  19. That was funny - I enjoyed both yout story and the result(s): it's a very pretty bracelet!

  20. I applaude your perseverance to create the ombre look you envisioned! I like the way it turned out and I bet it looks great as a stack on your wrist.

  21. love all the shapes and textures in your bracelet!

  22. It was interesting to see the evolution of your bracelet. Love the results, and the green Buddha charm.

  23. Great bracelet, love the dangles on the end and all the wonderful shades of green.

  24. It's nice to see the whole process, the good and the bad. I like the final piece, especially the end dangles. Nice job!


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