Friday, March 26, 2010

March Bead Show

Last weekend we had a bead show here in Tulsa.We usually only get 2 a year, Summer & Fall, this is only the second time this one has been here in the Spring.It was a small show,attendance wasn't helped by our 'First day of Spring snowstorm', but I found a few things.
My niece & I had planned to go on Saturday, but we let the weather dictate & we waited until Sunday. The crowds were small so shopping was easy. I was on the hunt for some pearls since I really enjoyed working w/ the brown pearls I got in the Bead Soup Swap. I was also looking for something small & chunky/chippy to string some of my nests into necklaces I also wanted something red to string w/ my turquoise. I think I found some real gems(sorry, I really tried to resist!)In addition to stringing supplies I was on the lookout for stones to set in a ring
I've posted some pictures , & after looking at all of them together I just have to ask myself, "Is it a defined palate or a rut?"

Monday, March 22, 2010

Bead Swap

After the great Bead Soup exchange, some of us signed up for a bead swap,not as large & no real rules,just get a partner & send them some beads.This was a whole different kind of fun! We did have some parameters, fill an old fashioned matchbox(large/kitchen sized) w/ a variety of beads & send them to your partner. No 'junk' beads, "stash not trash" as Lori put it! I gathered an assortment of gemstone nuggets, added a couple of Cindy Grimbrone lampwork beads & bought a while back , let go of some of my treasured snake vertebra, & polished up some horn beads. My original plan called for making little origami boxes to fit inside the matchbox, but that didn't pan out.Too much box & not enough bead As I started to cover the matchbox I realized I could just make one out of cardstock as easily. I fashioned some dividers to make little compartments & I was set.
My swap partner was Cathryn of Chile Cats blog in New Mexico. She sent a great mix, including findings, really nice polymer beads & some beautiful large gemstones that I cannot wait to figure out how to use!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Pictures for the previous post

Here are some pictures I meant to put w/ the previous post. Sadly it has been SO LONG since I posted, I forgot how to add the pictures! I thought the burlap bottle bag was a natural for earrings, but I thought the earrings were a little lost. I had several props to use & I thought the bottles worked a little better. The copper paddle pins are some I made in class. I really like how they turned out,just a simple loop that crosses itself.The turquoise bracelets are on a small birch log that is part of a display rack. I think it is a pretty decent shot for a simple point & shoot.The next group of bracelets are part of my "Everyday JuJu" group.These have old trade beads,bone beads,glass,horn, & gemstones, a real eclectic mix,( two of these are mine, & I wear them several times a week).The copper elements are the beginning of the team bracelets. I'll show more as they progress.
Since I am so behind in my postings I will post more tomorrow & tell you all about the bead swap from the beginning of March & yesterday's bead show.

The Big Round~Up

I know, it's been way too long since I posted! It was a busy last few weeks. I went on several job interviews,took photos for an application to a local show, worked on new jewelry for class & this past week had my niece & nephews for Spring Break. To answer any questions that might have come to mind from all those happenings, yes I got one that starts in the Fall, yes I got in( now I really have to get busy!) ,I finished a few projects & started some others & we had a blast! In addition to the show in April I have also agreed to do a show in May in downtown Tulsa that runs concurrent w/ a big($$$) art festival. Busy times.

Since this blog has focused on my jewelry class I'll recap what I've been doing the past few weeks. I made a second cross for my oldest nephew( he really liked the one I made for his brother), riveted a charm I started in last year's class & started team bracelets for an Avon Breast Cancer Walk in Chicago this summer.

I've posted some pictures, enjoy....