Saturday, September 17, 2011

It's Soup!

I'm not going to lie, when I opened my Soup, I felt a little like I was on 'Chopped'! I don't always use a focal, & this focal had a palm tree which was so different from anything I usually use.The colours are gorgeous, but the shapes were so...shaped.As I mixed beads & played w/ different combos nothing was really clicking. I was started to feel a little frustrated when Lori sent out a BSBH email w/ an idea. "If you get stuck, break up the beads into more than 1 project" ~major breakthrough! As I doodled w/ my mix I came up w/ a necklace right away. I laid part of it out, sketched the whole vision & moved on to the next groupings of beads. Last week I strung the necklace, tried it on & hated the way it actually looked,too large a  bead too high up on my neck,total design flaw.I then turned to the bracelet portion of my soup & tried several ideas, none really wowing me. Then I remembered the bracelet I bought my sister for Christmas, I had really liked the chain detail, how would that work?Not having any black leather cording I used some very old waxed cording & tried different chains. I found one that gave me the effect I was looking for  & I was ready to start stringing. I hadn't thought about the peach shaped ovals as much more than accent beads, & then I read a comment that they couldn't wait to see what I did w/ them,(no pressure or anything!) I thought about a wire wrap technique I have always admired but never tried. A little dark copper wire later & I had the wrap I wanted. Did it work as well on this shape of bead? I haven't decided yet.For the necklace I wanted to do an illusion type of stringing w/ the m.o.p. ring. I really like the way that turned out, but I also think the bead is almost too bright for the rest of the beads. I used a couple of the red beads & some wrapped dagger beads for earrings.The only thing I added to Andrea's mix were some pearls & copper beads to the necklace, & the chain in the bracelet. I really wanted to stay 'in the Soup' & use the beads I was sent w/o too many of my own. All in all I'm very happy w/ the way my Soup came together.Now get out there & hop some blogs. Lori~our fabulous hostess has the master list if you lose your way,( a trail of comment crumbs will help you w/ that!) stay hydrated, pace yourself & have fun!