Friday, August 30, 2013

Hoarder's Hop Revisited

These are a pair from a set by Juls , I added some czech glass & lamp work spacers by Tracy Bell . These are the same style as the red ones I showed in the Hoarder's Hop.

Juls again, a mis-matched pair from a set w/ copper bead caps.

The next two pairs use more czech glass from a kit I bought back in the spring. I even mixed up (GASP!) the beads from all three kits. I love the shape of the center bead, I think I have to find more.

I don't usually do such a  'sweet' design, but these just sort of made themselves after I rediscovered the earwires. The top bead is a transfer ware bead.I may even make a pair of these for myself. 
One last pair, more from a set by Juls, I added czech beads & Buddah  charms from skybluepink . And if you don't know about skybluepink, check out the link, they have the best random stuff.