Sunday, March 13, 2011

A little Auto Contrast

I think the previous post's photo was a little dark so I tweaked it a littl w/ auto contrast.

Lanterns by Juls


Sorry, I did get the best set, but Juls still has some of these yummy sets in her shop.

Finally Finished ALL the Soups

Finally~ I finished seeing all of the Bead Soup pieces! Usually I would h ave sat down & read all the posts, pretty much in 1 or 2 long sittings,(yeah, I'm obsessive like that!). This time I got a call from my niece the morning of the reveals & we ended up spending the weekend together,& for the next 2 weeks after!So this morning I got up & finished the last 50, which also happened to be the first 50. I started @ the bottom & read my way up. I also commented on approx 180+ blogs. I didn't leave a lot of comments today since it has been so long. I also had read many of the first 50 in my regularly followed blogs(300+)the weekend of the reveal.
  I have seen some really beautiful pieces & found some new blogs too.Thank you to all you stopped by & left such nice comments( & even became followers!) & of course a huge Thanks again to Lori!