Saturday, May 2, 2015

Swap N Hop 2015

 I was paired w/ Marti Conrad, an artist who works in clay. I was familiar w/ Marti because I was given some of her exquisite work in a button swap years ago.She sent some really beautiful beads w/ a rich chocolate glaze.
                                          here is a close up of the texture on the beads
 So, I had this weird work situation where I basically moved in @ the end of Feb. , & was there until 2 weeks ago, ( yes + nights, yes, I know). This was not so conducive to creating.
  For the last few days I have been laying out beads, adding the orange corals, the blue silk & the orange recycled glass. I've been really happy w/ the layouts & I started to string them up this morning.
 These above, barely 6 inches as is. The cording turned out to be too thick doubled to go through & that means no knots for the extra length.I can drill the coral, but not before the reveal tonight.Below are the earrings I made. Everything about them worked out as planned, & I think I'm going to wear these a lot.

I pulled in some blue to compliment all the orange I've used so far w/  sari silk.I can't stop thinking about drilling holes in the discs & sewing an X on them w/ the orange cording . Another drilling job & I haven't unpacked the Dremel yet, so...   I have to apologise that I didn't get things finished in time( but if this group understands anything, it's that life happens when you have a reveal planned!) I should be able to work on them again Sunday night , so maybe check back Monday? Thanks