Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Bead Table Wednesday~Eyes

My eyes came today, just in time for tomorrow's class! I haven't removed the shrink wrap yet so they look a little cloudy. I am planning on a cold connection/faux bezel w/  one of the 11mm eyes. The larger mm's 20,18 &16 are destined for a 'real' bezel, a ring for sure.I also have copper solder coming so I hope to have better luck w/ my copper pieces this time around.

A Leap Day Winner!

Congratulations taralinda you were lucky number 13 today! Also the Fusion beads 30 day challenge starts tomorrow, & I am going to follow along. I already have a few things planned. I'll be posting the projects as I go, see you tomorrow.

Friday, February 24, 2012

7000 Bracelets for Hope hop

Welcome all, happy Saturday! This is the second time I have made blue bracelets for this cause & I have to say, it always stretches me. I'm not a 'blue person'. I have a pair of jeans but that is it for the blue in my wardrobe.As for jewelry? I just don't really use or wear blue. Even w/ turquoise as my birthstone I lean towards the green spectrum of that stone. That being said I had a lot of fun w/ the first bracelet. I gathered all the blues I had in a bead mix & strung them on memory wire until I had used them all for a total of four wraps. I love the look of a really full memory wire bracelet. My second bracelet uses sand cast African beads & wooden beads w/ a copper clasp. I think this has a more rugged feel to it.The last shot is some blue beads that I pushed around my tray all week & came up w/ nothing. I'm going to have a drawing from the comments left below & maybe you can think of a design. This is a list of the bloggers in the hop, Thanks for stopping by!