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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Last of the Bead Show Goodies

What w/ the Poor Beader's post & then Bead Soup Reveal I never did show all the loot from the bead show. I will use some Black Max on the copper beads to give them a little more depth. I am fascinated by this red bead. I have been seeing them for the last year or so, & even tho' I KNOW they are hard glass I still expect them to feel like red velvet! The third shot is a mix of this & that, more red glass, some stabilized turquoise & assorted stones. I got these two strands of green just to be a little different. I have lots of green stone in chunky nuggets, but these spoke to me & the price was right. The last shot is all the pearls I bought from all the different stalls together. I fell in love w/ pearls when I got some in the first bead soup. Now I have a little stash of my own built up. I let you know how that works out!


  1. I'm so wanting the Red Velvet beads--Lucky You! The copper beads are absolutely to die for! And I love the myriad of pearls you have! Is that citrine and apple jasper? Yummy!

    Thanks for posting on my blog today during the Bead Soup Unveiling! I appreciate your comments!

  2. Freshwater pearls are my absolute favorite. I am always on the look out for pearls that speak to me - and usually any bead show or shop I go to, I can't come away without getting a few strands of pearls.

  3. Green and red together ... a natural pairing! You did good girl!

  4. You came away with a serious haul! Nice choices :)


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