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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Happy September & Giveaway!

I know I know, you thought I had surely melted away given my last post & no real entries for July & August.
I'm still here & trying to start my one year blogging month w/ better intentions. First the giveaway~ on September the 6th,the one year 'bloggiversery' I am drawing for a name. The giveaway is inspired by the bead swap Lori Anderson has done & will be a box filled w/ beady goodness.Some pairs, some batches, who knows what all I'll put in there? There is a good chance I could even put in some mixed media items. Please leave a comment on this post don't forget I will need to contact you if your name is drawn(sounds simple but I did have someone win  w/o leaving contact info for the charm day giveaway I did). I will probably choose 2 winners so both my niece & my nephew can pick a number. I am low tech over here, friends!What kind of comment do I want? Well,..... you could tell me what kinds of beads you hope you win, based on all my bead show stash posts, you could tell me what you like about any of my posts, you could tell me about a great site I need to visit, a studio organizing tip that worked for you or you could even  give me a great chocolate recipe!Talk to me & good luck :)
  The photo? That was a pair of crossed bones under the gel cling skull. When I came home a few days ago  they had MELTED! :O


  1. Wow, it is way tooooo hot there! I know I would wilt too! :-( Congrats on your ONE year anniversary! The year has sure flown by!!! Thank you for entering me in your giveaway... I wish I could give you a good studio storage tip, but if you saw mine, you wouldn't want advice from me!

  2. So glad we have cooler weather now...who would have thunk 86 was "cool"?

    I would like to be entered in your bead give away....I could use any type/kind of bead to add to my collection.

    stay cool!

  3. I love those square baby food plastic containers for storage - they have lids and stack! friends with babys sure are convenient :)

  4. Oh forgot -- organizing. I love those little plastic tackle boxes for beads. I organize by color. As for beads, I just found http://www.objectsandelements.com/shop/ which is for mixed media, metal, that kind of thing.


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