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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Ice Resin Mishaps

This week I was disillusioned w/ a blog. Now I'm not completely naive, I know comments are deleted, especially those of the nasty variety, but I really didn't think comments that gave a different experience would be deleted. I went to the Ice Resin blog to see a project video. Part of the process involved using a torch on a tin, creating an almost crocodile like texture. As the artist was using the syringe applicator she went on & on about how great the syringe was because you could use a small amount of resin & measure so easily & accurately. I left a comment along the lines of 
                             " that is a great tip on using the torch on a tin. I can't share your love for the syringe,however, because when I used mine it was cool, & as I was later told "when it is cold, one part of the resin is heavier than the other & comes out differently". My resin never set up & now I am afraid the resin left in the syringe is also out of ratio"
That's it,nothing outright mean or awful. Just what I thought was a statement of fact that the syringe dispenser didn't work so well for me the first time & what was left probably wouldn't work either. When I was reading today's post I noticed several more comments & wondering if anyone had an answer about my remaining resin I read them. My comment was gone, as if it had never been said. Nothing left but fawning compliments on the project.now in my research about resin I discovered a hint on another brand's page that said if it was very cool put your bottles in a glass of warm water for a few minutes to make sure your resin isn't too cool to work properly. That was an easy fix that would have saved my projects/bezels.I haven't decide if it is worth it to cut the plunger on the syringe & try to dispense each side independently (thereby negating ALL of the ease of the syringe) or just chucking it & moving on to the envirotex resin I have.


  1. ACK! how frustrating!
    I have accidentally deleted comments before because the comment accept and delete buttons are very close to one another- but always know it and always contact the person to let them know.

    Hope you have better luck with the new resin. resin is wiley stuff.

  2. Well I tried ice resin in a syringe and yes it hardened and didn't come out and yes I wondered how those people could say to use a syringe. Sigh.


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