Sunday, July 8, 2012

Soup's On!

                                                    Overview shot of all the goodies, it's oversized for reasons I'll explain below.
 Close up of the clasps, I am particularly intrigued by the little copper one. Note the coordinating beads for the smaller bronze clasp, nice detail!
                    I really love these dagger beads, my head is swimming w/ all the possibilities...
 ANNNd this is where the  close up love shot of the fabulous lampwork focal goes, except my camera started acting up. I'm recharging the batteries,again, so we'll see if that was the problem.
   Overall this is a Soup I can really sink my teeth into(sorry, I couldn't resist!). In the past I have used Soup Mixes & not added anything, or I've added w/ wild abandon. I haven't decided about this one yet. I see several directions I can go, w/ more than one piece, (way more as a matter of fact).
 My swap partner is Vonna, of justvonna. She has been showing some really lush cuff bracelets WIP's so I'm curious to see how she interprets my Soup I sent.
    If you've ever wondered about my blog's name, I'll have the answer for you on the 17th in the What's In A Name blog hop. Hope you stop by, happy beading, Y'all!


  1. I truly can't wait to see all the dishes you come up with!!!!! Have fun cooking!!!!!!!!!

  2. nice soup! can't wait to see what you create

  3. Lovely blog love but WHO are you? No about me info. Love and hugs Tanya

  4. gorgeous color palette here! i love these beads in your soup :-)


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