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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Piercing & Sawing

Tonight's assignment was to use piercing on a 1 by 1 & 1/2 inch rectangle. I made a skull inspired by a Day of the Dead marionette photo I have saved to my computer. I'm pretty pleased w/ the way it turned out, it retained the casualness of the sketch I brought to class. I still have some filing to get it a little more smooth, & I haven't decided how I am going to attach it to a chain,(hole for jump ring,solder a silver jump ring,something a little more elaborate?)but I have time for that decision. The last part of the class was about using the mill to press designs into copper or silver. One of the designs was lace which gave me the idea to try & use lace on the skull next week. I'm also thinking about using the skull to make an imprint on a piece of copper,I'm going to experiment & stack all three(lace,skull & copper) & run it through the mill. I'll report the results next week!

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