Monday, April 19, 2010

Back Among the Living

Yes, I'm still alive! It was a busy time getting ready for the Herbal Affair & I neglected my blog during the prep time. The push I needed to get back today was a giveaway. As much as I hate to let everyone in on it, Lorelei is having a giveaway ! She has tried out some new techniques & is letting go of some of her first born, so to speak. just head to her blog, & enter to win.

The show got off to a strong start, I was really busy in the morning, but by 12:30/1:00 it was raining enough to really thin out the crowd. There were times it was flat out raining, & times it was just a drizzling mist. It got colder & colder & a lot of the crowd went home early. I did have sales through the afternoon, just not nearly as busy as the morning. My 9 yr old nephew was my morning helper, he was great, @ the ready w/ bags for the purchases & eager to make runs for snacks. My 6 yr old niece was the second shift. This was not her first rodeo, she has a few shows under her belt & can break down a booth & pack the car w/ the best of them!
I'll post jewelry class news tomorrow, I need to take some pictures.

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  1. I hate doing shows in the rain. But ironically, at one show my biggest sale came while it was pouring, but it may have been because I had a captive audience staying dry under my tent!


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