Wednesday, April 28, 2010

International Charm Day is Here!

Charm bracelets.... as a child I envied my Mama Jayne's. I loved the sound, & all the tiny little treasures.I wanted one of my own, but only got the costume jewelry ones, you know the ones, they always had a ballerina in the middle whose head was a pearl.It never ended well w/ those. I always managed to twist the head off making her twirl. In my 20's I shopped a local flea market that had booth w/ coins & silver charms. Cigar boxes full of charms from gutted bracelets of yesterday. I still didn't have my bracelet though, so the charms stayed in the cigar boxes. Finally one Christmas I got my bracelet! Suddenly everyone I knew was going someplace where they would bring me back charms. I even got several doubles from 2 different European travelers. I went crazy @ the flea market. Soon my bracelet was full, overloaded even. I found another chain & restrung my single bracelet into 2. I did it right ,sterling split rings & a sort of organization between them, (romance & travel, in case you were wondering).I think because I wanted a charm bracelet for so long, I make them. Years ago, after a reunion w/ a friend I hadn't seen in too long, bracelets were made to observe the occasion. I made charms for both of us,not always matching but complimentary, & strung them w/ a beaded bracelet. I continue to make bracelets like this, as well as the more traditional charm from chain style

I have made 4 charms for giveaways. A gemstone pentacle, hearts,green dangles & black dangles. Please indicate your choice in the order you desire them. I will pick four winners from the comments~first chosen will get their first choice, second will get their choice(as available) & so on.I will pick the winner Friday morning. If you mention this giveaway on your blog I will enter you a second time. Good Luck & thanks for reading!


  1. ooooo.lovely! i like the one with the red heart. i am having a giveaway too....

  2. wow !! beautiful !! I love the black dangles

  3. Beautiful!
    My choices
    1 green dangles
    2 black dangles
    3 gemstone pentacle
    4 heart
    Thanks! for hosting a giveaway.

  4. I enjoyed reading your story. I too collect old charm bracelets and love to make my own charms, although I haven't had time for either lately.

    I would love to be considered in this drawing, my favorite is the one with the red heart but they are all great!

    Until later,
    Judy N

  5. great charms, they would all be a wonderful addition to any bracelet, j queendragonfairie at

  6. I hope I am not too late! I would love
    the 1 gemstone pentacle
    2 green dangles
    3 black dangles
    4 heart

  7. Very cool!

    Don't forget to email me about the Bead Soup Party!

  8. Love the black and red charm and the finished black and red bracelet. Nice work!
    quilts22 at msn dot com

  9. Hello, I enjoyed your post about your charm bracelet and your love of charms!! I am the same way:)
    Pretty Charms...
    2.Black Dangle
    4.Green Dangle

  10. I liked your post. It really resonated with me that you wanted a charm bracelet so long that it's why you make them now. I think that's why I make them, too. I've been in lots of swaps, and even wrote a book about making your own ArtCharms.

  11. Hi Boot-C .I like the red and black, then the greens, well there all Lovely, thanks for entering my giveaway!


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