Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Gem Mineral & Fossil Show, July 2013

I found out about a Gem, Mineral, & Fossil show Friday afternoon & I decided to go. Turns out it was put on by the gem society & the Boy Scouts so it was a really busy show. Lots of geodes any way you could imagine, even opened while you wait. Lots of cabachons as well, but not what I needed. There weren't many vendors w/ what I was looking for, ( no crystals, plz) but the few that did,( maybe 7?) had great stuff!
I got 8 strands of sand cast glass, some jade baskets, some leaves & 2 jade components, they have a hole @ each end. I also got a couple of donuts & some turquoise drops.
I've always wanted some of these seed strands! Some India glass bead strands, I wore them as wrap bracelets, & some of this composite stone. For fun there are a pair of rainbow magnets under the glass beads.

Some black stone discs, I see these as being some 'workhorses'. Howlite starfish for a 'beachy' touch, these make nice charms/dangles. Amazonite two ways, nice sized chunks & flat rectangles. These make me feel 'beachy' too. A carved horn bead, of course now I wish I had bought the long version too, but it is what it is.

These are my favorites, African turquoise. I already have a necklace in progress for myself, it isn't coming along like I thought it would, I'm having trouble w/ the spacers? 
For some reason I can't post a fifth photo, so I'll have another post tomorrow w/ that one.I'm still moving beads around for the Hoarders Hop, but come Saturday there will be new pieces on display. Are you participating? 

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