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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Haul, part 2

Part 2 makes one photo sound pretty grand, I'm afraid, so I'm super
                                                                                     sizing it!
  I hope you can really see how pretty the quartz @ the top is. It reminds me of old glass that has turned lavender in sunlight. Next are 2 strands of hand painted floral beads. I think they are clay,but  not smooth enough to be porcelain? Third from top another strand of this greeny turquoise. Is it Howlite? I don't know, but I like having one of these colour beads in a piece, so I like having several sizes & shapes in my stash. Little green tubes, little orange cubes & some pink bamboo. In keeping w/ my beach theme I bought some double drilled shell beads. Last, but not least, teeny tiny vertebrae. These are what made me stop @ the booth in the first place. I hadn't planned to start shopping before I had walked the show first, but these were the only strand,( it was a sign) so I went ahead & started shopping. This is the same booth were I got all the African turquoise.
  I don't think I've explained why I have added so many 'beachy' type elements to my stash lately. I am now the exclusive jewelry artist for a gallery on the Cape. I started selling when they opened in May/June. At the one evening soft open in May, I sold several pieces, & I made sales in June as well! So that is why you may have noticed a new theme emerging from my show hauls.

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  1. Congrats on being the exclusive jewelry artist in the gallery! Love those beads :)


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