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Sunday, August 3, 2014

Choosy Chix Choose Chicklets

I have been an unabashed fan of suebeads since we were paired in a bead swap years ago,( & yes, it WAS as fabulous as it sounds!). So when Rita was giving away some of Sue's beads, I had to throw my hat in the ring. Rita then went above & beyond & EVERYONE who signed up got a chicklet!

I loved my chicklet, but nothing really seemed to click w/ it?
 Then one weekend afternoon I saw an episode of  Beads, Baubles & Jewels where tigertail was used to connect to leather to findings. I modified the design by just using a thinner leather lace.

The clasp is a simple hook, ( Thnx, LMAJ ) that I adore & use for everything.
The beads are free floating . It's light & easy to wear. I also plan on stacking it w/ lots of other bracelets.
Many Thanks to our hostess, Rita. Enjoy your hopping !


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  1. Beautiufl! Designs like this that use wonderful elements and let them shine are my favorites.

  2. I really love this! I have been creating stack bracelets lately...just love the look and so much versatility and fun. Your design is so simple and elegant and fun at the same time! I also love it's dainty design and that you left the beads free float :)

  3. Talk about the perfect bracelet for stacking. Just love it.

  4. Delightful design. I'm sure it will look fabulous layered with a few other bracelets.

  5. Very lovely, simple but beautiful!

  6. I'm with Kepi, simple but beautiful. Way to go!

  7. Love the simplicity. Sometimes less is more.

  8. Really lovely! Sweet and simple :)

  9. what a sweet little gem. pretty. simple. clean. can't get much better than that! =)

    Linda A.

  10. Very sweet and simple. Love the use of the coin.

  11. Very nice< would wear it with jeans. Love it!!

  12. Lovely, simple and elegant♥ bracelet, great indeed to wear with others. What a fun detail, that the beads can float free♥

  13. My first thought at seeing the rich purple of your bead was that it would look great with black and silver! I think your bracelet is a close match (although I can't tell for sure if the leather is black or dark brown. It would be great either way!) I love the simplicity of your bracelet. I love stacking on layers of bracelets too and this one is classy, simple to put on, and unique. Love it!

  14. Very pretty. I could see wearing everyday no matter what I had on! I like that the beads float free. Excellent job!

  15. Simple and chic! Love your bracelet. It's perfect for stacking, and so pretty! I was inspired by Beads, Baubles & Jewels too for one of the weekend's blog hops, also! Isn't that fun? That show is great & I was delighted with the synchronicity I had when a show suddenly got me going with an idea, too. Anyway, your bracelet is beautiful! Love the clasp -- so creative & the colorway is rich, wonderful. Thank you so much for sharing your jewelry art talents! You are a wonderful artist! A star of the show :)
    Hapy Hopping, xxoo Rita


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