Saturday, May 24, 2014

Waxed Irish Linen Hop ~Reveal

I'd like to apologise for the delay in posting. I misplaced my camera,( thought I had left it @ my sister's, an hour away!) Crisis averted & here are my pieces.
 I would imagine many of you are fans of Rebecca Anderson. I love her work w/ waxed Irish linen, she is my inspiration, she is also the source of all my waxed linen! If you don't know about her curiosity club you are missing out.
These are a WIP,  I haven't decided about this particular coin,s I have used sand cast glass,Czech,Turquoise, & Carnelian beads in these, stayed tuned for updates. 

I recently made a bracelet for another hop, & it inspired me to work on a series. This is one of the resulting pieces. Yes, you do see some inclusions of art beads. Diane Hawkey, Golem Studios, & an unidentified ceramic,( I need to do a little research) plus some bone,horn,stone,Turquoise,Czech & glass beads. I can take no credit for the clasp, it came from a boot camp on Love My Art Jewelry. I'll confess,while I love the look of a looped closure w/ waxed linen, they give me fits. This clasp was my 'a ha' moment, when I realized this was a way around the loop w/o a sacrificing any style.
I hope it isn't 'cheating' to show this necklace. This is one of my BSBH8 pieces,but I made it knowing I wanted to show it for this hop as well. I've also worked on the small beads, letting them twist the way they wanted to from the beginning. Besides, this wrap work is too nice not to share twice!
 Here is my looped effort. More art bead treasures,(mostly unknown) an enameled bead from Andrew Thornton, bone, stone,recycled & sand cast glass beads make this light hearted bracelet.
A last look @ the wire wrapping.

Thank you so much to our hostess Diana Ptaszynski.. This hop was the jump start I needed to get some work done. I plan on a few more pieces, you might want to check back in the next week or so?
here are the other knotters, thanks for stopping by, enjoy the hop & your holiday weekend.

Diana Ptaszynski  

                    Kelsy Vincent

                  Susan Kennedy

                   Linda Landig

                 Kashmira Patel

                Jenny Davies-Reazor

                     Vanessa Gilkes

                    Sandy Huntress

                     Kay Thomerson

                       Sarajo Wentling

                        Kari Asbury

                  Rebecca Anderson

                  Melissa Trudinger

                  Ann Schroeder

                   Shai Williams

                      Blanca Medina

                Cheryl Brown

                 Johana Nunez Rivera

                     Lori Bowring Michaud

                      Kelly Morgan

                         Barbara Bechtel

                      Kristen Stevens

                     Heather Boardman

                     Janet Bocciardi

                  Kathy Lindemer

                       Lesley Watt

                    Susan Kolovson

                   Jayne Capps  ******

                   Michelle McCarthy

                   Cynthia Deis

                     Karla Morgan
                      Erin Siegel

                     Becky Pancake

                   Kelly Hosford Patterson

             Sharyl McMillian-Nelson

                     Inge von Roos

                 Carolyn Lawson
                 Linda Younkman

                   Sandi Volpe

                Toltec Jewels

              Michelle Mach

              Jen Cameron

            Dorothy Winchell

           Darlene Mansue

Cory Tompkins


  1. I really like that first bracelet you shared. Great combination of colors and textures and the clasp works perfectly! Thanks for sharing all of your pieces.

  2. I like the earrings. And that first bracelet is my favorite, although your other bracelet and necklace are pretty, too. I like the design of the first bracelet. Very nice job.

  3. Great designs. Like the necklace with the wire wrapped focal.

  4. Hi Jayne, You chose an interesting mix for the fringe on the earrings. I like the bead mix in the first bracelet. The necklace is beautiful and the twisted strands in the center draw the eyes to the lovely wire wrapped focal. My favorite piece is the second bracelet. The light colors make it feel feminine and summery.

    1. choices were dictated by size as much as anything else!

  5. Wow, you've been busy! I especially like your bracelets. The knots add the perfect touch of color between the beads--so much more interesting than regular beading wire.

  6. Very pretty, I'm very impressed with the wrapped focals! Also, can't wait to see the earrings done, great start I really like them!

  7. These are all great pieces. Wonderful work. I really like how those earrings are shaping up! Cute.

  8. Hi Jayne-I agree that your wire wrapping is wonderful.. I love all your pieces. Great job!

  9. Your wire wrapped pendants used with the waxed linen are pretty. I like how you paired the beads, linen and wire.

  10. Love the bead soup bracelet. The colors and textures are really nice together. It looks very beachy!

  11. Great necklace. Love the twist. Really like the coins in the earrings. Go with it. ;)

  12. Love how you used different techniques in the necklace. Looks so pretty!

  13. Lovely designs! I can tell you really love playing with the waxed linen :-)

  14. Great pieces, love the bracelets especially (it's the bright colours that grab me!)

  15. Simple. I love the design and use of the coin.



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